“My appreciation for Sakai the software, the open source community that supports it, and our hosting partner Longsight in particular, has continued to grow over these past 7 years [our university] has deployed Sakai. Most faculty and students just want stability and predictability. Our technology innovators want a quick response time for features and fixes. As an institution, we want control of our own destiny. Where else are we going to get all that?"

–LG, LMS Administrator

“Longsight has hosted Sakai for [our college] for more than a decade. We are extremely pleased with Longsight's responsiveness and ability to work with us to meet the College's needs while maintaining a highly reliable service at a very competitive rate.”

–RH, Chief Information Officer

"I wanted to take a second to thank you and Longsight. We are phenomenally busy with support requests since our transition to remote learning. But the support that we've been getting is extremely responsive and helpful, and I wanted to say how much we appreciate it."

–AH, Academic Support Specialist

“Sakai's by-higher-ed, for-higher-ed community is a unique asset that ensures our faculty and student needs are always the product's first priority and never take a backseat to investors, corporations, or stockholders. As we've worked with other vendors, we've learned how hard it is to find the right partner. Longsight's way of working with the Sakai community is wholly aligned with [our university's]. We advocate for our local institution's needs and gather feedback from other institutions before contributing features back to Sakai instead of building customizations on our own to maintain.”

–MG, Associate Director