Does a service level agreement that promises 100% uptime sound appealing? We thought so.

You can count on Longsight to keep you up and running because that’s precisely what we offer - 100% uptime. Guaranteed.  

If you’re currently using or contemplating using a hosting partner are you sure you know where and how your data are stored? With our dedicated, secure and private cloud, you’ll always know. We own the systems in two North American data centers, giving us complete control and the power to ensure the reliability and performance of your services, as well as the security of your data. 

Why Longsight hosting?

Reliability. Our service level agreement pledging 100% uptime says it all.

Privacy and security. In Longsight’s private and dedicated hosting environment, you’ll always know where your data is located.

Cost savings. We specialize in managing open source software, so we’re extremely efficient. That’s why we can pass on cost savings to you of 30-90% over other service providers.