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Helping Brock University Transition to the Cloud

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

In 2018, Brock University, a Canadian public research university, asked Longsight to help them transition from a self-hosted instance of Sakai to one where Longsight hosted their Sakai LMS in the cloud. With this transition in place long before the global Coronavirus pandemic, Brock's transition to fully online teaching was seamless when they needed to make the switch. Longsight has helped many universities transition from self-hosted Sakai to Sakai in the Cloud, which is hosted by Longsight. This has helped them react to the need to move all courses to an online-only format quickly. Longsight has been able to add capacity for its clients nearly overnight, easing their way during the unprecedented campus closures.

Find Brock University's information about its Coronavirus response here.

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