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Scott Siddall – Chair, Board of Managers

Our Chair and confessed visual thinker, Scott Siddall, had a vision for research and teaching technology in the pre-Internet era when visualization tools just didn’t exist. So he created some - and used them during his varied positions as marine research scientist, graduate faculty, undergraduate instructor and college administrator, during his 30-year academic career.

Scott’s passion drove him to make technology a part of every research grant and every course, from remote sensing and data visualization to computer-based modeling and statistical analysis.

His advocacy for technology in higher education led him to take on leadership positions in IT as university CIO, EDUCAUSE board member and speaker at hundreds of IT conferences. 


Sam Ottenhoff – President, Chief Technical Officer

A graduate of Kenyon College, Sam began his career building an early generation of campus Web applications, first for interactive learning company ACTV, then at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City. 

Like Scott, Sam’s work on the front lines of higher education learning technology left him feeling unsatisfied. He had the increasing sense that in order for institutions to have access to truly innovative learning technology, the monopoly existing companies had on the higher education market needed to be undone. 


Joshua Wilson – Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

The newest member of our leadership team, Joshua M. Wilson, is passionate about innovative technology that advances learning and teaching. An alumnus of Yale University, Josh has spent his entire career committed to the notion that innovative and well-implemented technology enhances teaching, learning, and research in colleges and universities.