About Us

Openness is our philosophy.

A fresh approach to supporting open source software

Technical experts who understand education

Helping you reach your goals, on your own terms

Unlike so many other service providers, Longsight understands your institution because we come from the same place - higher education.

What’s our history? We arrived at our state of openness after years of leading, managing, supporting and developing technology at various institutions. Like many others, we became frustrated with commercial software that is expensive, slow to improve, inflexible and proprietary. It was time for a fresh perspective. Longsight entered the open source market in 2001, with a focus on learning management systems. Since then, we’ve added campus portals, development of custom web applications, and digital repositories to our focused list of services.

When it comes to open source, we know it’s easy to get lost in the sea of software choices and support options. That’s why we’re here. We have the expertise to help you find the perfect fit. Our confidence comes from decades of experience in academic IT. This allows us to take a forward–looking, collaborative approach to enhancing learning technologies. As a trusted partner and adviser, we’ll get to know your institution, values and mission and support them well.

Longsight is truly open. No strings attached. Open source software gives you control over your technology initiatives. If you choose to partner with a vendor, pick one that doesn’t lock you into a relationship, preventing you from fully benefitting from open source. Look for an open chain of control – open source software, openly supported by a company with open business practices to match. This is our philosophy and what we practice every day: transparent support – for open source software. With complete access to source code and Longsight behind you, your campus controls its technological destiny.

Let us show you why the future is open.

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