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We’re really pleased to announce that Dr. Charles Severance, one of the Sakai Project’s leading developers and advocates, is joining Longsight where his many talents will be focused on developing service integrations through LTI and other methods, design and implementation of new features, and advising and developing features and services to meet the needs of the growing global Sakai community.   
Dr. Chuck has contributed to the Sakai community for more than a decade.  He served as the Sakai Foundation’s Executive Director, Board Member and has always been an outspoken advocate not only for Sakai, but for all learning technologies.   Chuck discusses this move in his blog post.
We share Chuck’s belief that Sakai is the best pathway through the LMS marketplace in the years to come.  The selection of an LMS is more about choosing a pathway and process than it is about choosing a product or feature set.  Yes, Sakai is software, and Sakai 10 will have exciting new features when it’s released this summer.   But Sakai is also a completely open, community-led process that drives the evolution of Sakai to meet the diverse needs of front-line stakeholders in education.
Hundreds of institutions rely on Sakai (about 10% of the market based on campus headcounts), each with their own innovative practices.   Sakai is truly open at all levels, reflects the diverse needs of this global community and so is the ”only major LMS activity in the marketplace with the guts to take the truly long view...” quoting Chuck.
Chuck recently said in his blog “I think that the LMS vendors, working with IMS can craft a whole new world of easy-to-use and seamlessly integrated disaggregated learning functionality.”  The Sakai community is shaping Sakai to be the scaffold that unifies a diverse array of learning tools meeting the needs of teachers and learners.   
For example, through Chuck’s leadership, Sakai 10 just became the first LMS to be certified for LTI v2.0 by the IMS Global Learning Consortium, an organization that Chuck has and continues to work with closely to promote the highest level of interoperability among LMS and related systems.
In this move to Longsight, Chuck joins a renowned team of Sakai developers and support staff with decades of experience in higher education and the Sakai Project.   We at Longsight have been part of the Sakai community since its inception and are genuinely excited to have Chuck working even more closely with us now.  Certainly, Longsight clients will benefit from Chuck’s work, but Longsight lives and practices openness, and so Longsight will provide Chuck with the resources to continue to innovate on behalf of the entire Sakai community.
Watch for Longsight and Dr. Chuck at an upcoming conference!   And join us in welcoming Chuck to Longsight.
Longsight is the leading commercial provider of support and hosting services for Sakai and a leader in the Sakai development community.   Learn more at www.longsight.com
March 18, 2014  8:00 AM EST